The gardens in Safavid period : Types and Patterns
Researchers have generally neglected that these maps and figures are drawn by American designers and European engraving makers on the base of maps and designs which were drawn hastily by Kaempfer and are devoid of taste. The main versions of manuscripts and Kaempfer's designs which are kept in British library, not only consist of information written in aforementioned book, but includes main designs that most of them are about royal gardens of Isfahan and the other cities. These maps are considered as the first maps picked up from Safavid gardens. Study of Kaempfer maps, can also explain the issues such as: the form of royal gardens dispersion in state house and the manner of their relations with the city, the way of their influence , city topography, morphology, characteristics of types called Chahar Bagh, Chahar Bagh Street, buildings related to the gardens.
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