University of Isfahan Safavid Studies Excellence
On Iran, the Safavid state, which has left one of the most important effects on history of Iran. The performance of safavid government was in such a way that political structure and the international and culture and civilization of Iran is still rests on its base. This Government recognizes the Shia in Iran, a new position for Iran in the international arena and many measures define the fields of science, arts and industries did that as an indicator on the introduction of culture and civilization are known Shiite and reviews and analysis of the different perspectives of these issues is essential.
In previous years about the Safavid state and it,s culture and civilization diverse research conducted in other countries has led to numerous published articles and books. However, these studies are biased because of the views of some writers and weak and led to a lack of resources in this way, the activities of research, as fundamental safavi of consistent and objectment should be carried out the culture and civilization as the state's Shiite is very wide, and the quantity and quality of work could not be more right in this area to meet. This research also aims to have a pest flaws and weaknesses in the way. Based on the favorable results of this research could identify as the Shi'a Safavids and their performance in the areas of culture and civilization. Therefore, it is necessary to organize these studies identify areas of research in the realm of culture of Safavids and their relationship with each other is explained. In such circumstances, both researchers with knowledge of the subject they choose and research a set of targeted research, and this is done in order to explain the exact teachings of Shiite Safavid Government culture and civilization in the form of a schema. for this activity deserves to be a massive research center needs to not only internal but also forign researchers for researchers to the appropriate field.
Department of history University of Isfahan with having scientific activities in this field and having points in the city of Isfahan, as capital of Safavid state and in possession of a lot of books and trying to Safavid buildings with provision of this research center at the University of Isfahan and as the cultural capital of Iran, and with a careful and accurate planning in the fields of integrative research.scintific center of" Shia Safavid culture and civilization studies" is the first center of historical center with the goal of becoming the most important source of Safavid Iran was launched on 26/11/2011. The main objective of thecenter, investigating various aspects of the Shi'ite Safavid culture and civilization. This program is based on the requirements of the scientific community in order to promote cultural and scientific position of the country and the civilization and cultural teachings of the decoding of the Shi'a Safavid state in which time has reached its peak. This program will also help achieve the latest scientific findings in the field and providing the necessary conditions for training researchers and scientists specializing in this field, meet a lot of misgivings and many of the cultural needs of the lifter in the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the absence of a genuine culture of the blessing of holy Shiite Islamic Republic of Iran and the world crisis and cultural revival, the new way is beyond humanity, implement the program can pursue cultural visions program for twenty-year-old will provide a good platform and open new horizons. This general objective can be divided into more detailed objectives, including:
Researching the Shiism growth in the eighth and ninth centuries AH, reviews and analysis on the analysis of Safavid Iran Shia Shiite Safavid works of culture and civilization ups and downs of school, scientific, cultural and industrial Safavie comparative studies division of the Safavid realm that this would be done in stages. Among these goals, three important purposes for a period of five years has been considered
(A)-reviews and analysis of the basics of Shia Safavid era in history topics
(B) comparative study of Safavidiology with an emphasis on new ideas started.
(C)-historical texts-correction in field of religious studies and history of the Safavid era started.
doing research to achieve the above-mentioned objectives, makes other aspects of this description is achieved:
A- the research activities of the Group's growth and expansion in the Humanities
B - Organizing scientific research faculty, particularly in the field of Safavid
C - Introduction to MA Students researching ways to train them as a set of experts in the field of historical research
D - review the principles and methods of research on the introduction of new methods
E - the first collection of historical texts and manuscripts in a specialized center that will underlie research and other scholarly activities